Types of Paper Shredders and How They Work

Paper Shredder is a machine designed to cut paper into strips or small pieces for the purpose of making documents containing sensitive or personal information unreadable. Paper shredders are commercially available and are designed to meet the need for confidential document disposal.

Papers shredders are typically manufactured in two standard configurations depending on the mechanical operation with which they cut the documents. The first type of paper shredder is the strip cut paper shredder , also known as straight-cut or spaghetti-cut, slice the paper into long, thin strips. Strip-cut shredders generally handle a higher volume of paper with lower maintenance requirements. Narrower strips provide better security. Because the strips don't compress well, you'll need a larger basket (or more frequent emptying).

In terms of security, most businesses find that a basic strip-cut paper shredder adequately meets their security needs. These machines cut paper into ribbon-like strips, varying in width from 1/12-inch to 1-inch.

The second type of paper shredder is the cross cut paper shredder which has a different mechanism of shredding the document as compared to the strip cut paper shredder.


Businesses prefer crosscut paper shredders for shredding more confidential documents. Machines cut both lengthwise and widthwise, turning a page into 500 to 800 confetti-like pieces of paper. For the highest security requirements (such as military contractors), there are high security particle cut models that can shred a page into more than 1,500 pieces.

Many crosscut shredders can also take on harder material besides paper. Cardboard, thick stacks of paper bound together with metal spirals, cds, dvds, credit cards, old driver licenses, ID cards, old calendars, signs, and posterboard are some of the important materials that must be shredded as well for maximum security purposes.

Paper shredding is becoming something that is no longer just for the office. Individuals are seeing the benefits of shredding their confidential documents. As the concern over identity theft grows more and more people are turning to paper shredding to protect them against thieves. Destroying important documents or documents containing personal information guarantees the information will not fall into the wrong hands. As paper shredding is becoming popular it is becoming important for people to understand how to correctly and safely use a home or office paper shredder.

Shredder Categories 
Desk Side / Personal Models These compact models are ideal for desk side use. Sleekly styled to match any decor, all utilize high-grade steel cutting heads which take staples and paper clips.

Mid-Size Models: These medium-duty models are ideal for sharing between offices. All feature casters for easy mobility and large-volume bins for less frequent bag changes.

Centralized Models: These fast and efficient large capacity models can handle continuous data printouts, compact disks, and entire file folders, providing centralized shredding for entire offices.

High-Capacity Models: These models provide the ultimate in performance, economy, and security for entire facilities. Ideal for large-scale internal document disposal programs.