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Why Bind?

It’s all about looking professional
Fact: 73% of business professionals believe binding increases the perceived value of a document. Binding give your document a professional look. It keeps your message organized and enhances the value to those who receive what you have taken time to create. GBC offers great ways to make the right impression in every occasion.

Why Laminate?

Protect what matters
Paper is fragile. It remains the most widely used communication media. Using GBC lamination equipment can protect, preserve and enhance your documents, photos and more. Lamination not only protects against water, grease and grime, it also enhances the colors of your printed material to make them even more striking.

Why Shred?

Protect confidential information
Shredding protects you, your family and your company. You should shred confidential documents to stop unauthorized people from accessing carelessly thrown away information that can be used to commit criminal acts. Information on paper, credit cards and CD/DVDs is valuable to indentity thieves.
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