GBC Ultima Laminators: The Optimal Choice for Your Project
Are you tired of ordinary laminators that fail to meet your advanced needs? Look no further because GBC, the leading brand in laminating technology, has just the right solution for you!

GBC Ultima Laminators are innovative, reliable, high-performance machines meticulously crafted to fit versatile customer needs. From educational institutions to offices, these laminators provide top-notch results, making your project look professional and well-preserved. With a range of models to choose from, GBC Ultima Laminators come with unique features designed to meet the specific requirements of your laminating tasks, be they small, medium, or large-scale projects.

GBC Ultima Laminators are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use interface. These machines feature an advanced EZ Load technology to simplify the film loading process. It ensures accurate integration of laminating film into the machine and reduces the chances of errors during operations.

Ultima Laminators offers quick warm-up times, significantly reducing your wait time and enhancing productivity to the maximum. With the AutoSpeed feature, these laminators automatically adjust the speed, guaranteeing high-quality lamination consistently. They are designed to reduce film waste and improve usability.

GBC Laminating Machines are built to streamline your workflow and provide a seamless lamination experience. With front and back stop buttons, they allow you to pause lamination for loading or cutting easily. Additionally, a footage counter is incorporated to track the remaining film, providing precise information about your laminating progress.

Moreover, Ultima Laminators are equipped with alignment guides to ensure straight document placement. Additionally, they feature a built-in trimmer for achieving a crisp finish on laminated documents.

GBC Ultima 65 EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator

GBC Ultima 65 Laminator stands out for its robust functionality and ease of use. It’s a thermal roll laminator that utilizes hot lamination technology to seal the film roll onto paper. Ideal for educational settings, this laminator can accommodate up to a maximum document width of 27" – perfect for laminating classroom posters, charts, and more.

Ultima 65 features a pivoting table for quick access to the rollers and AutoGrip shafts, making film loading and removal straightforward. A protective shield and auto shut-off feature add an extra layer of safety, making this laminator an excellent choice for busy environments.

The roll laminating machine is compatible with EZ Load Gray Cap NAP I Film and Standard NAP I film up to 3 mils. Its warm-up time is less than 10 minutes, and it offers a one-touch AutoSpeed feature that selects the optimal speed for your documents, assuring quality lamination every time.

GBC Ultima 55 EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator

GBC Ultima 55 EZ Load Laminator is designed to ensure a hassle-free lamination process, ideal for heavy-duty projects. The thermal roll laminator, with its comprehensive features, is an excellent addition to any educational institution or workspace, especially those with significant laminating needs.

Ultima 55 uses an EZ Load Technology to simplify the film integration into the machine. Its color-coded system facilitates easy film roll switches between tasks, making it perfect for dynamic teaching environments. With a wide 27" laminating width, it provides you with the ease of processing larger materials such as posters and banners.

The innovative laminating machine is equipped with front and back stop buttons, a built-in trimmer, and a footage counter – all contributing to its convenience and user-friendly design. It warms up in less than 10 minutes and enters standby mode after 2 hours of inactivity, automatically shutting off after 3 hours.

Like the Ultima 65, it is compatible with EZ Load Gray Cap NAP I Film for a crystal clear and crisp finish. Moreover, the machine features alignment guides to keep your documents straight and a slow forward and reverse function to help remove jams. It's a reliable choice for educators looking to spend less time laminating and more time in the classroom.

GBC Ultima 35 EZ Load Thermal Roll Laminator

GBC Ultima 35 Laminator is a compact laminating machine, ideal for smaller settings such as daycares, churches, and small offices. This desktop roll laminator offers high-quality lamination and features EZ Load technology for error-free film loading.

It warms up in less than 2 minutes and laminates at a speed of 36" per minute. The maximum document width is 12", making it suitable for various applications. Moreover, it is compatible with GBC EZ Load blue end cap roll film, which can handle a thickness from 1.7 to 5 mil.

Another standout feature is the Heat Shoe Accutherm™ heating technology, which ensures flawless, consistent results every time. It also includes an auto standby and shut-off feature, contributing to energy efficiency.


GBC's Line of Ultima EZLoad Laminators, with their user-friendly features, swift operation, and high-quality lamination, are optimal for your project needs. Whether in a school, office, or small business setting, a GBC Ultima Laminator is designed to meet your specific requirements.

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