Advantages of Paper Folders

Paper folders are simple to use and to operate . Paper folders save businesses time and money by increasing productivity and reducing the labor hours spent folding statements, invoices and correspondence. hgfhgfhthg

Paper folders are used in churches, schools, print shops, quick-copy centers, banks, mail-houses and many other types of organizations. Paper folders are able to fold anywhere from 4,000 to 115,000 sheets per hour depending on the machine. A good employee might get through 1800 in an hour. 

These machines have a long history and the technology continues to develop. From the manual paper folders clients have now the possibility to purchase automatic paper folding machines, which operate extremely fast and save a lot of energy. Still, selecting the suitable machine for you depends on various factors and the main one refers to the type of work you are involved in. 

When you go online to search for them you must take into account the speed of the machine (sheets/hour), how frequent will you use it and most importantly what type of paper you require. Knowing all these things can help you narrow down your choices for paper folding machines and help you pick out the one that is perfect for you.

Paper folder Increase the number of sheets folded per hour and Increase productivity by freeing employees to work on other tasks. 
They are used widely in offices from various companies, including banks or other financial institutions. They are needed to spare precious time and especially for mass documents. All enterprises handling and spreading information have found them useful and used the Internet in order to find one suitable to their preferences. 

If we were to make a comparison between a manual and an automatic paper folding machine, we would discover several differences but also a lot of similarities. The manual paper folder uses a technology called friction feed, moving paper with the help of synthetic rolls and it is quite cheap to use. 

The automatic paper-folding machine is indeed a great asset for any office. Though not so cheap, it has a lot of interesting features and can handle almost any kind of paper.

Paper folders reduce mental fatigue and paper cuts. Increase or customize the types of folds you can use. There are many variations of folds used by churches, schools, engineering firms, print shops and other businesses. 

Half-Fold: the sheet is folded into two equal sections with a single fold, can be utilized to create 4 separate panels/pages to be printed upon.  

Tri-Fold: Tri-folds are a very common fold style in the market.  Some paper folders consider a tri-fold to be 3 equal sections (brochure fold) and some do not.  Make sure you identify whether your application is a tri-fold or brochure fold.  All adjustable machines will do this, but if the machine is designed to leave a slight difference between the edges then the adjustments would need a minute adjustment to get 3 equal sections.

Z-Fold : similar to the letter fold with sections the same size, two folds create two outer panels folded in over the third center panel. Common applications are brochures, letters, statements, proposals and purchase orders.

A Z-fold requires an adjustable machine, and if the documents must be kept in order then the unit should have conveyor belts and stacking wheels on the delivery to facilitate the process. 

Baronial Fold : The Baronial fold is also becoming more and more common in the market, and has similar issues.  Because the folds on this document cross each other the material has to be ran through the machine twice in order to achieve. 

Engineering fold / fold-out: typically used for ledger size sheets (11" x 17") that are bound in proposals or technical documents.

Gate fold the sheet is folded into two equal wing panels that close like a gate over the larger center panel using two parallel folds. Common applications are presentations, brochures, invitations, menus and wine lists.

French Fold : The French fold is also becoming more and more common in the market, and has similar issues.  Because the folds on this document cross each other the material has to be ran through the machine twice in order to achieve. 

Double parallel fold / accordion fold (also referred to as an 8-sheet or quarter fold) the sheet is folded in half and then half again using 2 parallel folds, creating 4 panels on each side of the sheet. Folds a legal size sheet (8.5" x 14") to fit into a standard #10/#9 envelope.

he invention of paper folders has proved out to be more than useful. There are a multitude of companies out there presenting their products. The Internet can present to you all kinds of products for office equipment and supplies, all at different prices and having various features. Today, folding experts work non-stop to come up with better features and advanced equipment.