Swingline GBC® Extra High Capacity 2-Hole Punch System

Swingline GBC® Extra High Capacity 2-Hole Punch System

Swingline GBC® Extra High Capacity 3-Holes Punch System

Manual Punch Mechanism, Fixed Centers, 3 Punch Holes & 100 (Sheets) Punching Capacity
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Features of 3-Hole Swingline Punch System

  • Swingline 3-hole punch system presenting high capacity for punching at a phenomenal rate
  • Follows a two-step process enabling more accurate and refined results
  • Punches in 3 holes at a time for faster punching
  • Presents a punching capacity for up to 300 sheets in one go
  • Gives 9/32” deep holes to the documents in the most aligned way
  • Features operating instructions given on the punch base for users’ convenience
  • Features fixed centers and punch heads
  • Features a removable chip tray for smoother waste management
  • Presents a lockable cushioned handle for easier storage wherever desired
  • Boasts its sturdy metal construction for longevity of the setup
  • Holds a 180-day warranty for added sense of security

Overview of Swingline GBC High Capacity Punch

The Swingline high capacity 3-hole punch system is the new offering from the trusted brand Swingline, for making punching jobs more streamlined and facilitated. Swingline has kept its promise of high quality and reliability but in a new style. In this 3-hole Swingline punch system, users can find the facility of punching 9/32” deep holes in up to 300 sheets in one go. Process is further boosted when 3 holes are placed in one go on each piece of input. The process becomes more error-free with its unique 2-step mechanism. The patented punching technology of Swingline GBc high capacity punch ensures that most refined punching results are visible on each document inserted. Other amazing features of this Swingline GBC extra high caapcity 3-hole punch system include a removable chip tray, cushioned handle, fixed center and punch heads and strength of metal construction make this deal all the more valuable. Users can avail the 180-day warranty with this Swingline punch system to be on the surer side always

Basic Attributes
Product NameSwingline GBC® Extra High Capacity 3-Holes Punch System
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)9.12 x 13.25x 17.87
Punch Hole Size (Inches)9/32
Punch MechanismManual
Number Of Punch Holes3
Detailed ColorBlack, Grey
Punching Capacity (Sheets)100
User TypeMedium Office
Country of OriginTaiwan
WarrantyLimited 180-days
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