Stack Paper Cutters

If you need to cut a whole stack of sheets, face trim a perfect bound book or even slice a whole ream of paper in half you will need a stack cutter also called a ream cutter.

Stack paper cutters are available in different cutting lengths (or blade lengths) so it is very important to know the largest sheet size you will cut. You will also need to know how many sheets or reams of paper you need to cut before purchasing a stack paper cutter.

Stack paper cutters can cut large stacks of paper or card stock up to 750 sheets. They are similar to guillotines in that they have an arm that operates to cut the paper. There are also electric stack paper cutters, which are made for higher volume use. They come either semi-automatic or fully programmable   Although sometimes called ream cutters, not all stack cutters are capable of cutting a full ream. Depending on the model that you are looking at, the cutting capacity might be rated based on a specific number of pages or a thickness in inches. Some models are able to cut 500 sheets (a ream) while others can cut slightly more or less. For most people cutting an entire ream of paper is not essential.   Here are a few things to consider when choosing a stack cutter

Choosing the appropriate paper cutter will depend on the volume you plan to cut as well as the media and size of your project

Different models offer different cutting widths. Some blade widths are as small as 12" for letter sized paper. Others offer blades that are seventeen inches wide for 11" x 17" paper, eighteen inches wide for 12" x 18" press sheets. Some cutters even have the ability to cut master sheets of paper that are between twenty-three and twenty-six inches wide  

How many cuts do you need to make per stack of paper. If you are cutting business cards, then you may need to cut as many as 5 or 10 times per stack This means you will push the blade lever down many times for just for one stack of paper. If you tire quickly or have difficulty operating machinery, choose a paper cutter with ergonomic support. There are some paper cutters that have a very simple cutting lever, which is easier to operate for some people.

  In addition to the width of the blade there are two other measurements that are important to consider when looking at a stack cutter. The first is the maximum distance in front of the blade on the cutting table. The second is the maximum distance behind the blade. These two measurements help to determine the maximum length of paper that can be cut   One of the most important things to consider when choosing a stack cutter is the paper stop. If the paper stop is not perfectly square and solid the quality of the cut will suffer.   
Depending on the volume of paper or number of cuts you need to make, you might want to consider a semi-automatic or fully automatic paper cutter. Some companies even offer programmable electric cutters. This makes life easier since you can program how far you want the blade to cut the paper.   

When looking for a ream cutter, it is essential for it to have a number of safety features. With the ability to cut through hundreds of sheets of paper, a ream cutter can easily slice off a finger or hand. With this in mind, it is essential to find a cutter that requires two handed operation and that has guards to prevent anyone from getting near the blade during the cutting process. Any cutter that does not have these features should be avoided