Learn About Common Binding Methods

Here is a quick list of the binding styles that companies use to prepare their documents. 


Coil Binding: This one is also known as spiral coil binding, color coil binding or coilbind.  The plastic performed spiral coil spins through the holes on the edge of the document and the ends of the coil are bent over using a special pair of pliers to keep the coil from spinning off the book.


It is also known as plastic spiral binding. This binding method is similar to the common term "spiral binding," but opens and closes much smoother without catching on any wire loop ends and is fairly lightweight in comparison. It has excellent lay-flat ability and will not pull apart like Comb or Twin Loop Wire binding.

Comb Binding: This is the most popular binding style around and is also one of the least expensive. You might have seen this style used on a cookbook or other presentations. A clear advantage to plastic comb binding is that the books can be re-opened and pages can be removed/added.

A plastic tube with comb-like fingers is held open using a comb spreader in a position that allows pages with rectangular holes, created by a comb binding punch, to fit over the plastic comb. When released, the comb fingers retract keeping the pages together.

Velo binding: Velo binding is a strip binding system that uses two plastic strips along the front and the back of the document.  The strips are riveted into place using a hot knife system that permanently binds the document together.  This method is commonly used for legal transcripts and is great for filing, stacking or mailing. Tape binding: Tape binding, sometimes referred to as Thermabind or thermal tape binding. This style uses a preformed cover with glue down the spine.  With thermal binding all you need to do is drop your pages into the cover, put the cover into the machine and let the document cool after it has been heated.  The machine will heat the spine of the presentation, melt the glue and secure the pages into the cover. Thermal tape binding strips come in a variety of colors and size ranges to accommodate a variety of book thicknesses 

Wire Binding: This style is also called twin loop wire, double loop wire or wire-o binding.  Twin Loop Wire is a unique, double loop wire binding system that provides a simple, versatile and durable binding solution for various books.

The wire for this style comes in a “C” shape and you use a special wire closer to squeeze the spine until it is round.  This style uses either 21 holes or 32 holes for a standard 11” document.

Unibind: Similar to thermal binding, Unibind also uses glue and heat.  However, with Unibind the spines for the books are made from steel. Documents are very easy to bind with this style and it is a great option for creating photobooks.This provides a longer lasting stronger bind for the documents.