General Binding Corporation (GBC) is the leading desktop binding system manufacturer in the world. They have produce more document finishing systems than any other company and have been doing so for decades. This article is designed to help you understand the different types of systems produced by GBC for binding your reports, presentations, proposals, manuals and documents.

GBC binding machines can be organized into five major systems. Each system provides a different look and feel for your documents, has different capabilities and is marked by its own strengths and weaknesses.

These five main binding systems include:

  1. Twin Loop Wire – This system is also known as wire-o, double wire, double-o or double loop wire.
  2. Color Coil – This system is also known as spiral coil, Colorcoil, spiral binding, and ez-coil.
  3. Plastic Combs – This system is also known as Cerlox, Surelox, 19 ring binding and is sometimes called GBC binding and Ibico Binding.
  4. Strips – This includes Velobind and Surebind hot knife systems as well as reclosable Velobind strips.
  5. Therm-A-Bind – This system is also referred to as thermal binding or therm-o-bind.

Wire Binding

GBC Twin Loop Wire binding is an innovative and relatively new method for binding documents. It offers the ability to have your documents ‘open-flat’ and ‘wrap-around’. It also offers both security and a high-tech image.

This type of system uses flush-cut covers which means that the size of the covers is equal to the size of the paper. This provides an attractive and professional look for your documents and written communications.

Plastic Coil Binding

GBC’s Colorcoil spiral Binding also offers open-flat and wrap-around capabilities with binding security. Plus it provides a bright new trendy image for your documents. With colorcoil you spin a preformed plastic spiral through the holes on the edge of your document. In order to properly insert the coil you need to use flush-cut covers with this type of binding system.

Colorcoil is ideal for graphic designers and advertising agencies who are looking for a modern look, flexible bind and a plethora of colors to match with almost any color scheme. This type of system is also ideal for binding presentations and reports that are going to be sent through the mail.

Plastic Comb Binding

In 1947, GBC developed a new and innovative method for binding documents. Plastic comb binding was originally marketed under the brand names Cerlox and Surelox (names that have now somewhat disappeared from the market). Comb-binding is one of the most versatile and easiest document finishing systems available on the market. It offers a lay flat finished product and makes editing of documents incredibly simple. In fact, a document that has been bound with combs can easily be opened and closed time and time again.

For a highly professional look that better represents the image of your company it is possible to customize the comb binding spines by printing on the backbone of the binding elements. Such customization facilitates easy recognition of documents from a distance, even from the reader 's shelf. This can help to turn your reports and presentations into a unique form of advertising and will help to reduce the number of reports that get thrown in the garbage by prospective clients.

Strip Binding

SureBind and VeloBind are two extremely popular strip Binding Systems offered by GBC. Documents bound with these systems represent your organization with distinction. These machines operate by sealing and riveting the binding strip in place using a tamper proof hot knife process. This helps to enhance the security of the documents in order to avoid any addition or deletion of pages from your sensitive reports and presentations.

Other than its image and security, Strip Binding also makes it possible to bind documents in various thicknesses ranging from 2 to 750 sheets of 20# bond paper. In fact you only need three sizes of spines to any document up to three inches thick (assuming you have a machine that can handle documents this thick). This helps to reduce the need for supply inventory and the space that is needed to store your binding supplies.

Thermal Binding

Therm-A-Bind is a GBC trademarked name for their thermal binding systems. This type of system is designed to produce impressive, professional documents that look like they have been perfect bound. It needs no mechanical fasteners or holes and the spine of the documents are completely covered with a wrap around cover. Therm-A-Bind is capable of handling documents that are between two sheets and 520 sheets. Plus it only takes a few seconds to complete the binding process.

This type of system uses a unique wrap around cover with a pre-applied heat activated adhesive in the spine. Activation of this special adhesive helps to ensure a secure, tamper resistant bind every time. The one piece wrap-around covers used in your thermal binding machine can be fully customized using foil stamping, offset printing or silk screening. You can even print your title or name on the spine to ensure that your documents are recognizable. This is one of the most professional binding systems available but requires the purchase of customized full-wrap covers to maximize its effectiveness