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  1. Five Styles Of Presentation Binding

    This overview is intended to enable you to see the scope of products you have at your disposal with which to meet all your binding needs. It will provide an overview of five lines of binding systems, with numerous models in each group, providing solutions to the ever-growing need to package documents. Some of these options are very different from each other and others have small subtle differences.
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  2. Why Bind, Laminate And Shred

    For over 60 years, the GBC® brand has been a world leader in products that help consumers present, protect, secure, organize and enhance their printed materials. GBC binding and laminating machines and supplies help professionals finish documents quickly and easily with style and customization. GBC shredders bring security to homes and offices at a time when information protection is vital.

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  3. How To Use A GBC Binding Machine

    It all depends on the type of GBC binding machine you will be using. GBC is a major manufacturer of several types of binding machines. Their most popular types of binding machines are comb binding, wire binding and VeloBinding.

    Comb Bind

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  4. GBC Binding Machines – An Overview Of Desktop Binding Systems

    General Binding Corporation (GBC) is the leading desktop binding system manufacturer in the world. They have produce more document finishing systems than any other company and have been doing so for decades. This article is designed to help you understand the different types of systems produced by GBC for binding your reports, presentations, proposals, manuals and documents.

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  5. Finding The Right Paper Trimmer

    Guillotine paper trimmers come in either wood or metal base. The base will either have its own clamp to secure the paper, or you will hold the paper in place while cutting. They also have an arm with a blade underneath and handle that you operate to cut the paper. This type of paper cutter is meant for occasional or low volume paper cutting- usually they can handle between 10 and 30 sheets of paper at a time.

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